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Terms and Conditions

The terms and condition provided by Alos Infotech would govern the usage of its clients while browsing through our website

Our privacy policy governs the usage of the services provided by our organization. In addition to this these terms helps our clientele to understand how the information that is being provided to us is being used. By acknowledging our terms and conditions you provide us assurance that you have thoroughly gone through our terms and conditions and privacy policy and are bounded by these agreements.

In the cases where the users are not comfortable accepting the terms and condition, they can quit using our services. However, we would like to understand the reason behind why individuals are not willing accepting our terms of use, so that the organization as well as the client come to a common ground after finding the solution to the problem. The users who are not willing to accept the terms and conditions can email us at

All the visitors that are directly or indirectly using the services of our website are liable to follow the terms and conditions that are set by the organization. By using our services, the users agree to subscribe to multiple features such as newsletters as well as promotional media. However, we do not like to impose ourselves onto our clients for that reason we provide our users with the option of disabling the service by emailing us at
If an individual wants to buy our product from our website, there would be some of the information that would be required in order to process the order. Purchase might include details such as credit, debit card number, expiration date of the card, billing address of the users, along with the shipping information.
It is clearly stated in the terms of use, that you warrant that you have a legal right to use any card(s) or any other payment method in accordance to any purchase and also all the information that has been provided by you is correct, true and complete.

There is a high chance that we would be taking the help of a third party to process the payments that are conducted through our website. By accepting our terms and conditions you provide us the right to share your information to the third party. We would be seeking your permission before sharing the information to the third party.
We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order at any time for a legitimate reason including but not limited to service or product availability, errors in the description, error in your order, error in the description or price for a given product or service, along with other reasons.

We also, reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order in case a fraudulent activity is suspected, along with illegal or unauthorized transactions.  

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