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Privacy Policy

Alos Infotech respects the privacy of its users, it protects the individual’s information and the service that has been accessed by the individual. The personal information of the individuals is not disclosed to any third party without the consent of the client. 
As per our privacy policy we inform the users about the information that will be used by the organization when the individual is surfing through the website and the individuals will be provided with exact reasons why the following information is being used by the organization. 

Alos Infotech does not collect any personal information except when the user knowingly provides such information on the website itself. There may be instances when the organization might send the users emails or other forms of communication this is only done to enhance the services of the organization and to increase customer satisfaction.

Note, Although, Alos Infotech does not provide information to the third party, however, there might be instances when the organization have to release some of the information regarding any specific individuals/clients.

The following circumstances might lead to transparency of information between multiple parties:


  • To comply with the government bodies in cases of court orders, search warrant or a statute

  • In the cases of users not adhering to the terms and conditions that have been provided by Alos Infotech

  • To investigate, prevent or take actions on activities that are deemed to be illegal, fraudulent or creation of security in these cases the organization can use the           information that has been provided by the users.

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